Effect of Modernization and Social Freedom on Women’s Psychological Well -being and Quality of life

Reason Behind choosing this project: 

Subjugation of women to men is something which can be encountered even at the present time in many parts of the world. When we talk about women in Indian context, we come across many incidences in which clear discrimination of women, their rights and freedom have been dishonored


wp-image-1137954000Pal (2016) quoted the statistics from a report on “Gender Equality and Development,” by World Bank that over the last two decades, around 2.5 lakh girls were killed in India each year because of their sex. India as a whole is a country where traditionalism dominates and modernity is still trying to make its place. Here coalesce of modernity and traditionalism can be seen in each and every city. Due to this conflict between traditionalist and modernists, women face discrimination and unequal treatment in terms of basic right to food, health care, education, employment, control over productive resources, decision-making and livelihood, not as a result of their biological differences or sex, which is natural but because of their gender differences which is a social construct.

Geetha (2002), states on gender discrimination in society that “Sex is considered a fact – one is born with either male or female genitalia. Gender is considered a social construction – it grants meaning to the fact of sex. Conversely, it could be said that only after specific meanings came to be attached to the sexes, did sex differences become pertinent” Owing to discrimination, women deal with many unpleasant situations. Although, they are moving ahead with time and are also trying to stand up for their rights. Women these days can be seen in many more professions other than the traditional teaching profession. Shvedova (1998) in a study concluded that traditions still emphasize women’s primary roles as mothers and housewives and a strong, patriarchal value system is cause of these sexually segregated roles in societies. With the change in thought process, due to modernity women have been able to make their own place in society which is male ruled. Gender differences are man made and they get legitimized in a traditional society. Thus the present study was conducted to find answers to how modernization and social freedom was effecting psychological well-being and quality of life among women in between the chaos of modernism and traditionalism.

For the purpose of research, 600 women living in regions of  eastern and western Uttar Pradesh were interviewed and asked to fill up the questionnaires measuring attitude towards modernization and social freedom and their psychological well -being and quality of life.

Results confirmed significant impact of modernization and social freedom on women living in urban and rural areas. Instead of high level of education among urban women, they were found to enjoy low freedom due to different marital status.

Thus, it was proved that no matter how many policies government is introducing, at the psychological level, still women are not free and modernized.