Those who…. Will never…

Those who have learned to adjust... Will never understand.... What it takes to not adjust! Those who have learned to compromise.. Will never understand... What it takes to not compromise! Those who have learned all their lives to criticize others.... Will never understand.. What it takes to appreciate others! Those who have been part of … Continue reading Those who…. Will never…


Psychological Insecurities: Role of Collective unconsciousness!

Ever wondered how life would be if we weren't controlled by our insecurities! Always living in anxiety of tomorrow, directed by if's and what if! Ever thought why are we the way we are? Why can't we just live in present and enjoy present moment, because after all this is what we have. Who has … Continue reading Psychological Insecurities: Role of Collective unconsciousness!


I am a #metoo Too many of us are. Me too. If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote "Me too" as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem. Everyone who is on social media must be aware of the #metoo hashtag, which sparked … Continue reading #metoo


We humans are curious by nature. Always trying to find out why, if, this and that in everything we encounter. This very first post is about why I decided to start a blog, what difference will this make in your life? How is it different from other blogs already present there! The simple reason behind is... knowledge is worthless untill and unless its not use to help others, thus with the help of this blog I will try to make a difference in your life with what I have experienced through life, and research till date.