We humans are curious by nature. Always wondering and finding answers to our why, if, this and that in everything we encounter. This very first post is about why I decided to start a blog, what difference will this make in your life? How is it different from other blogs already present there!

The simple reason behind is… PERSPECTIVE

  • FIRSTLY, how I perceive things might be different from how others perceive them.
  • SECONDLY, may be what I perceive serves as an solution for your issues.
  • LAST but not the least, knowledge is worthless until and unless its not used to help others, thus with the help of this blog I will try to make a difference in your life with what I have learned through life experiences and research till date.

Hope to help and serve you all better. All inputs and feedback are welcome. For specialized counseling session I can be contacted at – https://druzaina.wixsite.com/psychevitalityclinic

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